Above Ground Imagery


Above Ground Imagery delivers stunningly accurate photography and video, both from the ground and above. Serving a wide array of industries, AGI has the tools for the job.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
– Ansel Adams

Image of a Canon EOS 80D camera on a hardwood floor


Photography is our base. From there, we use the camera for video or fly it overhead with a drone. But photography is where is all starts. AGI prides itself in capturing all images in their best light. With state of the art equipment and a deep understanding of lighting, composition and other essentials for making a great photo, AGI is equipped to meet your photography needs.

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Whether its work in progress, live events, interviews, sporting events, natural beauty, structural inspections, or advertising – when you need boots in the field, AGI is adept at fitting in to capture the essence of the moment. AGI is part of a team of media specialists that is able to offer edits big or small along with all levels of post production.

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Drone Capture

This is what sets Above Ground Imagery apart from other capture services. AGI is fully licensed, fully insured Part 107 pilots that have the rare combination of skills in photography, videography, as well as the technical skills to pilot a drone safely. Skilled at aerial mapping missions, aerial video and photography, along with structural inspections, AGI is constantly learning and incorporating new uses for drones.